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24 Hour Service and Maintenance:

One of the most integral tools for any big company is a competent and capable service department. Diesel Electric services now employs 13 contract engineers to manage multi-faceted turnkey projects. To compliment this a fully equipped 24hour standby Service Team consisting of 28 factory technicians, 4 UPS specialist technicians and 4 diesel delivery vehicles. We have 12 installation teams versed in tried and tested methodology. We provide superior service to contracted as well as non- contracted clients, of which some of the installations date back thirty years.

Generators, UPS's and associated equipment are like motor vehicles. Regular maintenance is required to keep them in tip top shape to enable them to supply power when required. Preventative maintenance is an integral tool to maximize reliability, minimize repairs and reduce losses incurred by down time. By simply applying manufactures specified maintenance procedures, We will ensure that your equipment performs at optimum efficiency.

Our basis of 303 contracted clients span throughout South Africa enabling our clients to reap the benefits of regular maintenance visits. The sites on contract currently are 1120 and the generators on contract are 1402 Many options for maintenance contracts are available and are negotiable based on the clients needs.

Our factory trained technicians are capable of dealing with virtually any repair or breakdown, dependant on the severity of the problem. To limit downtime we have established relationships with all the major engine and alternators suppliers in South Africa ensuring optimized delivery on required spares.

Furthermore we boast a 24 hour diesel delivery service, once again minimizing down time. DES's workshop in Orphiton is fully equipped to assist the service department with any and all breakdowns. After the installation of equipment on site, training is available to assist our customers in the operation, maintenance and general trouble shooting of the purchased equipment. From the first step of supplying the unit to the maintenance on site, we acknowledge that our customers are our priority.






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