Soccer City

Soccer City

Soccer City

Posted on 18 October 2016

Diesel Electric Services prides themselves in their contribution towards the success of 2010's flagship stadium Soccer City's infrastructure. The opposition were blown right out of the water with Diesel Electric Services own "vuvuzela ".

Diesel Electric Services won an open tender to Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission 4 x 500 kVA and 1 x 650 kVA Diesel driven Generator sets on a "no break Generators on/ Mains return system" and to Supply Install and commission 4 x 350kVA and 1 x 450 kVA Uninterruptible Power System.

The 4 x 500 kVA Diesel Generators and 4 x 350kVA UPS'S will power the stadium lights and the 650kVA Diesel Generator and 450 kVA UPS will power the media center and executive suites. Protection against supply authority failure is ensured by running the stadium on Generator Power from 4 hours prior to the game to approximately 1 hour after the game.

To ensure additional protection against outages the Uninterruptible power system with 10 minute battery back-up was installed. The reason for this equipment was to ensure that the lights and the medis centre/executive suites are never without power-not even for a second. The design concept was utilized because the lights take a considerable amount if time to re-strike which could plunge the stadium into darkness if there was a power loss from Eskom.

A Further feather in diesel electronic services cap is the installation of a 350 kVA Diesel Generator to back up the power supply of the telecommunication Network at the stadium.

Other Diesel Electric Services products include Rotary UPS, Static UPS, Diesel Generators, Bio-Gas generators, MV and LV solutions, SABS/NEFTA type tested LV Distribution boards, Hybrid power for Telecoms applications, Full Turnkey Data Center Solutions and Service and Rebuilds. The staff complement is over 400 in JHB, which includes 22 contracts engineers, 38 service personnel and 20 installation teams.