Posted on 26 October 2016

Diesel Electric Services was awarded the contract for the design (along with Aurecon), manufacture, installation and commissioning of the Secure Power Supply for SKA Meerkat Radio Telescope.

The site is located ±90km from the town of Carnarvon, in the Northern Cape. The plantroom for the equipment is immersed in the ground to lower the interference it might have with the telescope.

The scope included the Supply of the incoming 33kV domestic supply (indoor switchgear), from Eskom, stepped down by two 2500kVA Transformers to 22kV.

The supply is then fed to the Dynamic rotary UPS (Euro Diesel No Break KS®) 22kV distribution Board, where the supply is conditioned and secured.

The Dynamic Rotary UPS Plant consists of (x3) and future (x2) 1250kVA 400v units stepped up to 22kV, complete with 22kV input and output switchgear, all controls, ventilation and diesel supply system.

The 22kV supply is then distributed through the ring network for the radio telescopes (stepped down at various places via 22kV mini-subs) and two 1600kVA transformers to the 400V supply for all the building requirements.

The plant was commissioned in May 2014, and is online at present.