Photo Voltaic

Photo Voltaic

Photo Voltaic

Posted on 28 September 2016

Diesel Electric Services takes great pride in recently being awarded the contract for a high tech production facility comprising of a roof top Photo Voltaic project together with a Rotary UPS to provide clean reliable power to their new factory in Linbro Park.

The Consulting Engineers are One Zero Consulting (PTY) LTD.

The Photo Voltaic system is a grid tied solution; the system produces a total of 205.2 KWp each, utilizing 648 PV modules and 12 inverters.

The Photo Voltaic system has an estimated annual production of 343,955 kWh over 1326.96m² of roof area.

The LV distribution boards for the Photo Voltaic system will be connected in parallel with the local grid. Although the system has been engineered to make certain all the relevant statutory requirements are met, the design is practical and makes installation and maintenance simple to perform.

During the operational cycle of the PV system, the system will also synchronize with a 1650kVA Eurodiesel rotary UPS thus sharing the load and working towards our ever growing commitment to make use of renewable energy resources in our designs.

Diesel Electric Services is continuously demonstrating their commitment to the green initiative that has become imperative to modern industry and will continue implementing solutions such as these.