Posted on 19 October 2016

Diesel Electric Services (Pty) LTD leads the way in the power generation market by supplying; installing and commissioning the new gas powered generating sets for the MTN trigeneration plant in Fairlands.

This type of reciprocating plant is the first in Sub-Saharan Africa, and promises up to 85% electrical/thermal efficiency on fuel using the tri-generation concept, supplying combined heat, cooling and power generated by the two 1 MW natural gas powered generating sets. Achieving approximately 40% efficiency for electricity generation on the methane rich natural gas, the waste exhaust gas energy is transferred to water via a heat exchanger and then through lithium bromide absorption chillers providing the chilled water to the air-handling units which in turn supply the cool air for the IT equipment, totaling up to the 85% electrical/thermal efficiency on fuel.

Hot water is also sent via a second pass heat exchanger to provide general hot water for the remainder of the building. Coupled with electricity price increases, MTN expect to get a return on their R22-million investment within 5 years. An important addition is that MTN have been able to register this project with the United Nations as a carbon credit project, assisting in offsetting the capital costs.

Diesel Electric Services ( DES ) has also recently completed another first in this field, supplying and installing 4 × 2,9 MW Natural gas powered gensets operating in parallel in a Co-generation project for a large financial concern in Central JHB. These generating sets operate at 11 kV.

We have been involved in gas powered generation for many years, one of which includes the first "Producer Gas" project in conjunction with Eskom using gas from the combustion of dry wood to provide fuel for a gas powered generator, aimed to provide electricity in remote rural areas using plants such as "invader bush" as a primary source of fuel.

12 years ago, we manufactured, supplied and installed 3 sites in Mozambique with Natural Gas powered Gensets, establishing DES in the gas generation market.