Posted on 18 October 2016

Diesel Electric Services (PTY) LTD has built a long term relationship with FNB and is proud to be associated with the latest FNB Umhlanga project, providing them with power generation solutions that address todays energy challenges.

The scope of work included installing 2 x 1000kVA Diesel Generating Sets with full synchronizing functionality. The plant room is equipped with sound attenuators fitted to reduce the noise levels.

Both day tanks and bulk tanks have been installed, providing security and reliability of fuel to the sets. Quality of fuel is ensured by utilizing a receiving tank, with fuel filtered and treated before being pumped into the bulk tanks.

The fuel control panel will control all the tanks to ensure optimum fuel supply and ensure that the bulk and day tanks are always full of diesel.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply System comprises 4 x 250kVA UPS's configured in parallel redundancy with a
battery autonomy of 60 minutes per UPS at full load,1 x 80kVA UPS with a battery autonomy of 30 minutes at full load was also supplied, thus ensuring uninterrupted clean secure power at all times.

Diesel Electric Services (PTY) LTD had to interface with Malaysian Switchgear Distributers who supplied, installed and commissioned two of the substations with Tamco VHIH 11kV switchgear and one consumer substation with 3 panels. Malaysian switchgear also supplied 3 panels to the transformer room.

The consulting engineers are One Zero (PTY) LTD and the main contractor is WBHO.

Diesel Electric Services boast twenty one years in the industry, living up to their motto Dynamic, Engineered Solutions.