Hydraspin Oil Separation System

Hydraspin Oil Separation System

Mining Industry

  • Solvent extraction.
  • Mining workshop.
  • Wash bay systems.
  • Oil storage.
  • Bulk fuel storage facilities.
  • Storm water run-off from contaminated areas.
  • Process water treatment.
  • De-sanding

Typical Applications

  • Produced water.
  • Fracwater.
  • Brine filtration.
  • Fire water protection.
  • Heat exchanger protection.
  • Secondary recovery treatment.
  • Tertiary recovery and process.
  • Cooling water.


  • Locally manufactured.
  • 30 years experience.
  • Lower capital cost.
  • Decreased maintenance.
  • Simple and reliable.
  • Solids transfer and handling.
  • Easy installation

Types Of Oil Removed

Free Oil –Oil droplets greater than 150 micron.
Emulsified Oil –Oil droplets < 150 and > 2 micron. Dissolved Oil –Oil droplets < 2 micron. 
Solids Coated with Oil –Heavy solids more dense than water.

Separation Efficiency Of Hydraspin

  • 95% removal of 10 micron oil droplets.
  • Other gravity based technologies only removes a portion of free oil.
  • Industrial process water has a mean particle size of 60-80 micron due to mechanical and chemical sharing.
  • Environmental legislation today requires Hydraspin

How Does The Hydraspin Separator Work

  • Oily water is pumped tangentially into the hydrocyclone which initiates a spinning vortex.
  • The spinning vortex is accelerated as it moves down the tapered hydrocyclone, separating the heavier water phase to the outside walls while the lighter oil phase moves to the center.
  • The separated oil is removed through a reject orifice located in the inlet head section and treated water discharges through the narrow section