Modular / IO System X/IO

Modular / IO System X/IO

Modular I/O system XI/ON

Made up of gateway, block and slice, the Modular XI/ON ensures terminals are intelligent and communicative. The compact block and slice design guarantees perfect modularity, with an exact number of channels to meet user needs. XI/ON is flexible and cost-effective, as well as being fast and simple to install and replace. It is the definitive solution for remote signal processing.


  • The gateway product range supports the CANopen, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet and Ethernet fieldbus systems
  • The modules can be used for any bus

XI/ON standard modules

  • Pluggable modules
  • Fast modules change (hot swappable)
  • Wiring on base module
  • Screw or tension clamp terminal
  • Mechanical coding of module

Service interface

  • The XI/ON station can be commissioned independently from the master PLC which controls the whole system
  • Station diagnostics
  • Programming interface


  • Fieldbus gateway
  • Programmable gateway

XI/ON ECO Modules

  • High channel density (up to 16 DI/DO on 12.5mm)
  • "Push-in" tension clamp terminals

8 or 16 channels per module