The intuitive visualisation software

GALILEO is an intuitional, easy-to-learn and still powerful project design environment, which fulfils almost all requirements of an on-site machine operation. With its non-sector specific concept the visualization software offers seamless project design for all XV/XP operator panels and all PC run-time solutions. It provides full functionality for the project designer at any time without any graduated restrictions on variables or screens.


  • Reduction of start-up and maintenance time by using project simulation on the development-PC
  • Visualization software for all XV devices (3.5" – 15" touch panels) and PCs
  • The intuitive user guidance makes it possible to create a project within a half-day
  • Orientation on international mechanical engineering (such as through pre-defined keyboards for specific languages, the ability to change language and units of measurement while running)
  • Over 100 protocols for almost all current PLCs makes it possible to use GALILEO in conjunction with PLC systems from other makers as well
  • Assurance of project design know-how through continuous forward compatibility of your projects
  • GALILEO communicates with CODESYS, allowing for example simple import/export of PLC variables
  • No graduated performance level and no restrictions on variables or screens
  • Realization of Lean Automation Solutions based on SmartWire-DT® technology.

Outstanding Features

  • Numerous graphical objects such as slide adjuster, bar graph, Graph plotter (Anti-Aliasing), curve chart, camera
  • Dynamic objects in position and size
  • Parameter List (any number of data objects in a screen)
  • Comprehensive administration of formulation and users (such as through password expirations)
  • Integration of variables (numerical values or text) in single or multiple line alarm messages
  • Ability to change language and units of measurement while running
  • Pre-defined, language-specific keypad configurations
  • Freely configurable help screens with text, images and markings
  • Transparent bitmaps, touch zones and texts
  • Enhanced sub masks (a group of objects combined to a new object)
  • User logger: user actions carried out on the panel can be logged and stored in a CSV file
  • Direct printing on panel (reports, forms)
  • Communication to CoDeSys V2 and CoDeSys V3 PLC
  • Simple project comparison by storing of project data in the XML format
  • Export and import of all project texts to Excel for translation (Unicode support; also Asian character sets)
  • User-defined data types can be defined and instances created
  • Communication specific data types are created automatically when using „easy 500/700“ or „easy 800/MFD“ communication.