Automation Software

Automation Software

PLC Programming to international Standards

All XV/XC controllers from Eaton can be programmed with XSOFT-CODESYS. Matured technical features, simple handling and the widespread use of this software as programming system for automation components of different manufacturers, make it a guarantee for success. Eaton offers both CODESYS version 2 and 3. Most XV/XC controllers can be programmed using either version 2 or version 3.

  • Programming with CODESYS is compliant to IEC 1131-3 in the programming languages:
    • Instruction List (IL)
    • Ladder diagram (LD)
    • Function block diagram (FBD)
    • Sequential function chart (SFC)
    • Structured text (ST)
    • Continuous function chart (CFC).
  • CODESYS is the programming environment for all XV/XC controllers from Eaton
  • For the XV100, XV400, XVS400, XC150 and XC-202 controllers, Eaton offers targets for CODESYS V3 and CODESYS V2.
  • Maximum flexibility: the same hardware can be used for new (designed with
  • CODESYS V3) and existing (programmed with CODESYS V2) generations of machines.
  • Reduction of startup and maintenance time by using project simulation on the development-PC
  • CODESYS can communicate with GALILEO, such as for simple import/export of PLC variables
  • Realization of Lean Automation solutions based on SmartWire-DT® technology.
CODESYS V3 offers

CODESYS V3 offers

A programming tool that can be expanded; using plugins to handle customer-specific adaptations

  • A modern development environment
  • Expanded language options (object-oriented programming)
  • Know-how protection for target and programming tool
  • Multiple PLC programs in one project
  • New and improved target visualization functions
  • Improved IT safety functions
  • Websites based on HTML5

Field bus configurators: CAN, Profibus, SmartWire-DT®, Modbus TCP/RTU (next version will also include: EthernetIP); more to follow.